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Atlanta Design Futures Council Summit 2010

I had the privelege of attending the Design Futures Countil Summit on Sustainable Design 2010 held in Atlanta. It was a very hands-on and intensive conference about what the future of sustainability is in the context of building contruction, architecture, products, and city planning.

I went home from the conference each night feeling very empowered and optimistic. My body was exhausted, my mind just wouldn’t shut down! I stayed up tossing and turning and thinking about all of these different concepts for new products, company models, and strategies to push sustainable ideals.

There were some incredible speakers like Ray Anderson of Interface Flor. I met some amazing people from all different fields; interior design, architecture, graphic design, engineering, and more. I was one of the younger attendees and can only hope that, in ten years, I measure up to some of the other folks; their accomplishments and careers were off-the-charts impressive.