Cumulus Conference, Shanghai







Shanghai Cumulus Conference 2010

The Closed Loop was selected as one of five projects to represent Lund University and the School of industrial design, at the Cumulus 20th anniversary exhibition in Shanghai during the World Expo.

I was so excited to exhibit the Closed Loop in Shanghai! It was also fantastic to catch up with old classmates and professors from Lund. Cumulus Conference focuses on the advancement of design education in universities. The 2010 conference focused on sustainable design. I met so many people from design programs around the world — it was a privelege to be at this conference. It was really interesting to hear about the challenges and successes of pushing sustainable design into curriculums in different parts of the globe.

My entire experience in Shanghai was incredible. It was my first time visiting Asia, but I know it will not be my last. Maybe next time I will brush up on my Mandarin though…