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A) provided b) unless c) whether d) otherwise 2. The new champion didn't know laugh or to cry. a) provided b) whether c) unless d) otherwise 11. You'd better buy more champagne, someone else comes. a) provided b) in case c) otherwise d) whether to 12. I would have arrived in time traffic jam. a) otherwise b) but for c) in case d) provided 3. You must leave tomorrow you like it or not. a) provided b) whether c) unless d) otherwise 13. We must give the money to them like it or not. a) otherwise b) provided c) whether d) but for 4.

We had better speak in French. He is not used in English. b) to suffer d) having suffered a) to speak c) speaking 2. Your friend was very lucky to avoid to jail. a) being sent c) to be sent 12. The idea of working at home is moving nearer to a reality. b) to being sent d) being to send 3. He said he wasn't used a) to give c) to giving a) become c) becoming lectures. a) having caused c) to causing 4. By now you should be accustomed tea. a) having caused c) to cause a) come c) to come us so many 15.

A) provided b) whether c) in case d) otherwise 9. You must go early, seat. a) provided c) in case 10. Take a taxi, meeting. a) provided c) in case the you want me to stay. b) whether d) unless 18. I brought a spare one we need it. a) in case b) otherwise c) provided " d) unless you won't get a 19. We'll go for a picnic it rains. a) otherwise b) unless c) provided d) in case b) whether d) otherwise 20. We could have finished that interruption. a) unless b) provided c) but for d) otherwise you'll be late for the b) otherwise d) whether 22 we I WISH - IF ONLY 1.

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