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By Alderson T.L.

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CIRCUIT CELLAR® Issue 140 March 2002 43 The AND/OR logic gates physically connects the emu(IC5A, IC4A, and IC4B in lation processor (IC6) to the Figure 4), IC3B, and control target board, isolating the signal CLKSEL (IC7) enable flash memory programming you to select an internal circuit using IC2 and IC5. (on-board) or external (tarThe schematic in Figure 6 get board) clock signal shows the reed relay switchunder control of the (IC7) es (K1 through K4) to consoftware. Other AND/OR nect the emulation processor logic gates (IC5B, IC4C, to the target circuit during and IC4D), IC3C, and conexecution of the program.

The features of AT89Cx051 family: direct and the programming voltage is target board may use available I/O LED driving capability! Moreover, it switched off. 6 V so that a programming cuit or as an input driven by an applitional buffers, because AT89Cx051 voltage of 5 V is obtained. When T2 cation-specific circuit. So, the emuladevices don’t provide an external I/O and T3 both are switched off, diodes tor of the AT89Cx051 device must be port read/write signal to select the D1 and D2 provide a reference voltage physically disconnected from the tarbuffer direction automatically.

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