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By John F. Humphreys

This booklet is a transparent and self-contained advent to the speculation of teams. it's written with the purpose of stimulating and inspiring undergraduates and primary 12 months postgraduates to determine extra in regards to the topic. All themes prone to be encountered in undergraduate classes are lined. quite a few labored examples and routines are integrated. The workouts have approximately all been attempted and confirmed on scholars, and entire strategies are given. every one bankruptcy ends with a precis of the cloth lined and notes at the background and improvement of workforce concept. the subjects of the booklet are a number of type difficulties in (finite) team concept. Introductory chapters clarify the options of workforce, subgroup and general subgroup, and quotient staff. The Homomorphism and Isomorphism Theorems are then mentioned, and, after an advent to G-sets, the Sylow Theorems are proved. next chapters care for finite abelian teams, the Jordan-Holder Theorem, soluble teams, p-groups, and crew extensions. eventually there's a dialogue of the finite easy teams and their category, which used to be accomplished within the Nineteen Eighties after 100 years of attempt.

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