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By Cecil C.P. Lawson

Covers infantry troops from 1797 to 1815, together with Infantry, gentle Infantry, sixtieth Rifles, ninety fifth Rifles, Highland regiments, shades, Bands and Drummers, Regimental mascots and pets, armed forces, Scottish armed forces, Irish military, Volunteers, Scottish volunteers, Canada, international regiments, Swiss regiments, Minorca, De Meuron, de Watteville, Rovera, Salis, Bachmann, Swiss in East India corporation provider, Dutch regiments, Italian Legion, Corsican troops, Maltese regiments, and St Helena. DEPOSITили

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One of the consequences of this was an increasing tendency to the privatization of previously public space, most notably through enclosure by Act of Parliament.

We have seen how Thomas Spence was influenced by the interpenetration of town and country in his native Newcastle. The survival of large commons adjacent to many other major towns and cities gave a significant rural flavour to the lives of many urban dwellers. Not only could these commons be used for the same purposes of gathering food and fuel as commons were in the countryside; they were also vital for popular recreation. Urban popular culture therefore remained strongly rural in content; animal fighting (such as ratting or cock-fighting), for example, retained great popularity.

If each member of the political community stood independently on the basis of his own land, political intimidation and corruption would be eliminated. An important consequence of the intellectual foundations on which Spence built his argument for public ownership of land was that he did not advocate public ownership of other forms of (movable) property. Just as life was an inalienable property, so movables were rightly private, because they derived from labour, which was an extension of the self.

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