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By Katharine Kerr

Drawing on Celtic lore, the Deverry sequence has develop into a favored staple of the trendy fable reader's library. Now A Time of Omens indications the intertwining of the 2 global of the sequence: Deverry, the area of people and elves, and the astral aircraft, the place robust immortals stay.

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There are some things horses can’t know. Maddyn, you can mock me all you like, but some evil thing walks this stretch of country. ” Maddyn was about to make a joke when the knocks sounded, three distant rolls booming out like thunder from a clear sky. Branoic yelped like a kicked dog and spun round to point as a tower of pale silver flame shot up through the night. As far as Maddyn could tell, it was coming from the old hunting lodge. Even though they were over a mile away, Maddyn saw the river flash with reflected light as it seemed that the flames would lick at the sky itself.

He was murdered for trying to do an honorable thing. ” Maddyn found it hard to speak, and Aethan was staring horrified. ” The old man gave him a sly grin. “Don’t look so shocked, lad. ” “Well, while this poor fellow was a good bit less alive than you, he wasn’t exactly dead either. ” Nevyn considered for a moment, frowning at the roundel. “Tell me somewhat, Aethan. When you rode for Cantrae, did you ever hear any rumors of witchcraft and dark wizardry? ” Aethan started to shrug indifferently, then stiffened and winced, like a man who shifts his weight in the saddle only to pinch an old bruise.

As he led his horse and the prince’s out of the stables, Branoic was whistling at the prospect of getting free of the fortress for a few hours. After a long winter shut up in Dun Drwloc, he felt as if the high stone walls had marched in and made everything smaller. ” Branoic swirled round to see the prince’s councillor, Nevyn, standing in the cobbled ward next to a broken wagon. Although the silver dagger couldn’t say why, Nevyn always startled him. For one thing, for all that he had a shock of snow-white hair and a face as wrinkled as burlap, the old man strode around as vigorously as a young warrior.

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