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By Jonathan Sterne,Thomas A. Discenna, et al.INscribe Digital|USC Annenberg Press||Adult NonfictionEducationLanguage(s): EnglishOn sale date: 28.08.2013Street date: 28.08.2013

21 authors who elevate tricky questions on educational exertions within the box of communique reviews. From defunding of universities to the true dilemmas dealing with directors: from the altering politics of careers to the ways in which gender and sophistication play out for school and scholars; from the categories of labor that get released and promoted to the tyranny of PowerPoint; from the politics of fundraising, to the devolution of management, to the position of unions in universities. The authors offer lots of proposals and courses for switch, from small yet significant gestures to activist courses for pedagogy and learn, to large proposals for organizing ourselves and remodeling the methods our departments and fields do company. within the technique, they bring up much more provocative questions. Authors ponder a bunch of matters massive and small, from defunding of universities to the true dilemmas dealing with directors: from the altering politics of careers to the ways in which gender and...

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Pason Of Careers and Curricula Vitae: Losing Track of Academic Professionalism Kathleen F. McConnell Feminist Labor in Media Studies/Communication: Is Self-Branding Feminist Practice? Sarah Banet-Weiser, Alexandra Juhasz PowerPoint and Labor in the Mediated Classroom Ira Wagman, Michael Z. Newman Canned Courses: Lecture Capture, Podcasting and the Transformations of Academic Labor Mark Hayward The Visible College Ted Striphas Negotiating Labor and Management in the French Context Jayson Harsin Media Pranks: A Three-Act Essay Kembrew McLeod Product UG and Critical Visioning in Communication Studies Joel Saxe Getting to “Not Especially Strange”: Embracing Participatory-Advocacy Communication Research for Social Justice Michelle Rodino-Colocino The Politics of Academic Labor in Communication Studies: A Re-Introduction1 JONATHAN STERNE McGill University Early in my term as department chair, I brought a dilemma to a faculty meeting.

Disciplining the feminine. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 80, 383–409. Bousquet, M. (2002). The waste product of graduate education: Toward a dictatorship of the flexible. Social Text, 20(1), 81–104. Bousquet, M. (2008). How the university works: Higher education and the low-wage nation. New York: New York University Press. Brown, W. (1993). Wounded attachments. 1177/0090591793021003003 Brown, W. (1995). States of injury. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Deresiewicz, W. (2011, March 23).

Unions are far from perfect, but they perform a role that no other entity can in the university space: They represent people as employees. This is especially important in a time of eroding faculty governance. But it’s even more important for clerical workers, graduate employees, and part-time faculty who play crucial economic roles for the university, but don’t even have the veneer of representation offered by faculty governance. The tenured depend on the work of these other people: We would not exist without them, and because we benefit so heavily from the academic division of labor, we have an obligation to our colleagues across the different positions in the university.

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