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By H. Rider Haggard

In King Solomon's Mines, Haggard introduces the reader to Allan Quatermain, now essentially the most well-known literary experience characters. moment within the sequence, this booklet, Allan Quatermain, keeps the tale of this bold guy and chronicles in first individual (and via correspondence from a few of his fictitious partners) his adventures in Africa. regarded as one of many fictional characters upon which one other such individual, Indiana Jones, relies, Quatermain is however a humble guy. by means of his personal definition, he's an ". . . 'Adventurer' -- he that is going out to satisfy no matter what could come. good, that's what all of us do on the planet a method or one other . . ."

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Com CHAPTER IV ALPHONSE AND HIS ANNETTE After dinner we thoroughly inspected all the outbuildings and grounds of the station, which I consider the most successful as well as the most beautiful place of the sort that I have seen in Africa. We then returned to the veranda, where we found Umslopogaas taking advantage of this favourable opportunity to clean all the rifles thoroughly. This was the only work that he ever did or was asked to do, for as a Zulu chief it was beneath his dignity to work with his hands; but such as it was he did it very well.

I smell blood,' was the answer; and I could get no more out of him. After dinner we again went up the tree and searched the surrounding country with a spyglass, but without result. When we came down Umslopogaas was still sharpening Inkosi-kaas, although she already had an edge like a razor. Standing in front of him, and regarding him with a mixture of fear and fascination, was Alphonse. And certainly he did seem an alarming object -- sitting there, Zulu fashion, on his haunches, a wild look upon his intensely savage and yet intellectual face, sharpening, sharpening, sharpening at the murderous-looking axe.

I give thee a safe conduct;' and the fiend laughed aloud as his brutal jest. Meanwhile I had been thinking rapidly, as one does in emergencies, and had come to the conclusion that I would exchange myself against Flossie. I scarcely like to mention the matter for fear it should be misunderstood. Pray do not let any one be misled into thinking that there was anything heroic about this, or any such nonsense. It was merely a matter of common sense and common justice. My life was an old and worthless one, hers was young and valuable.

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