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Доспехи и оружие средневековых рыцарей.

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1; G, 8, 13 n. 1; §1, 3, 5-7; §1, 18, part 1 (i960), 131-2; §1, 19, 206. See Plate 25. 6 G, 8, 13 n. 2; §iv, 23, part 11, 19, n. 2. 8 Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 THE SUCCESSORS OF MENES 23 name, which means the Fighter, was possibly indicative of his character and of the requirements of the time: one of the few extant records of his reign, a wooden label found at Abydos,1 commemorates a campaign against the Nubians, which may mean that he conducted a war in the northern Sudan or that it was he who extended the southern boundary of Egypt beyond Gebel es-1 Silsila,2 its probable limit in the time of Menes, to the Nubian nome terminating at Elephantine.

I5;§ v "» l5> 3 8 °7 8 G, 15, 124-5. H. i3, ch. vi, sect. 1. 1 So few dockets of this kind have however been preserved that they are useless for compiling even a skeleton chronology of the period. The Fifth Dynasty Palermo Stone and Cairo Annals, though invaluable, have proved to be capable of more than one reconstruction. 2 Little more than the names and order of succession of the kings belonging to the first part of the Second Dynasty has yet been established with any probability; of their deeds and the political conditions of their time virtually nothing is known.

Some of his jar-sealings show the name of Semerkhet erased;3 Anedjib's name, on the other hand, was allowed to stand, which suggests that Qaa regarded his predecessor with the same disfavour as Semerkhet, in his turn, had evinced towards Anedjib. A relic of Semerkhet's unpopularity may perhaps be detected in his omission from the Nineteenth Dynasty Saqqara list, which includes both Anedjib and Qaa. Nothing is known of the circumstances in which the First Dynasty came to an end. 4 Contemporary inscriptions mention two problematical Horus-names in conjunction with sacred buildings known to have belonged to Qaa.

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