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By Barbara Seuling, Matthew Skeens

Freaky Facts-This wacky reference sequence presents readers with quite a few strange and interesting evidence approximately enjoyable subject matters. each one identify holds greater than a hundred strange-but-true-facts approximately themes resembling the presidents, geography, cash, animals or the human physique. bounce in for a great learn!

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Soldiers, Citizens, And The Symbols Of War: From Classical Greece To Republican Rome, 500-167 B.c. (History and Warfare.)

During this accomplished review of old war, Antonio Santosuosso explores how the tactical and strategic strategies of war replaced among the start of the 5th century b. c. and the center of the second one century b. c. and why the West—Greece, Macedonia, and Rome—triumphed over the East—understood geographically as Persia or ideologically as Carthage.

Constructing Early Christian Families: Family as Social Reality and Metaphor

The kin is a topical factor for experiences of the traditional international. relatives, family and kinship have assorted connotations in antiquity from their sleek ones. This quantity expands that dialogue to enquire the early Christian kin buildings in the better Graeco-Roman context. specific emphasis is given to how kinfolk metaphors, equivalent to 'brotherhood' functionality to explain kin in early Christian groups.

Greek vases, images, contexts and controversies: proceedings of the conference sponsored by the Center for the Ancient Mediterranean at Columbia University, 23-24 March 2002

This quantity offers with Greek painted vases, exploring them from a variety of methodological issues of view and relocating past the conventional concentrate on connoisseurship and magnificence. the amount, which represents the complaints of a global convention sponsered via the guts for the traditional Mediterranean at Columbia college, is an attempt to use the giant richness of those vases by utilizing them to check normal cultural background.

Ancient Poetic Etymology: The Pelopids: Fathers and Sons (Palingenesia. Schriftenreihe für Klassische Altertumswissenschaft)

The possibility of historic Greek poetic etymologizing and its reception in antiquity are analyzed with new interpretive versions. the writer stories poetic etymology in a holistic and integrative demeanour, as a device of thematic and narrative unification. opt for passages from Homer and archaic lyric poetry give you the matrix for etymological styles; their validity is tested in an intertextual research of the names of Pelops and his relatives.

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Hence it is only just that the administration of this province should be ornamented by investing it with a sign of the ancient Roman magistracies. And now its current administrators, that is, the civil and military governors, should be joined into one office and JOHN LYDUS AND THE ROMAN PAST 39 decorated with the title of Praetor. 32 This explanation garbles legend and completely overlooks the true historical connection of the two nations. 33 This antiquarian pose found expression in a new theory of legal sanction that invoked Christian divinity in a more complex way than had ever been done before.

51 Also during the reign of Anastasius, Lydus served as chartularius of the scrinium of the commentarienses, possibly in 51752 The emperor entrusted the commentarienses with confiscations and banishments;53 from the earliest stages of his career Lydus knew the cost of imperial disfavor, for he was actively engaged in implementing such imperial decisions. 54 We may suspect a conflict of loyalties. 55 The reasons for this decision are not clear56. Caimi suggests probably the best one. 59 The note of disappointment in his voice is real, for his career never flourished again as it did in those early years.

For example, Justinian’s Novel 25 (May 535) begins: We have thought it right to adorn the nation of Lycaonia with a greater form of government than its present one since we have considered those first beginnings from which comes the present nation of the Lycaonians, according to those who have written about ancient matters. They have informed us that the Lycaonian nation is most closely akin to the Roman people and, on the same evidence, practically wedded to it. Long ago Arcadia in Hellas was ruled by Lycaon, and he began the settlement of the territory of the Romans.

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