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Mye-co IV 240 = ne-tsho 123 etc. [2 (b), B: Root consonants] / / : Final 1. ) -ci6 IA 68, p(h)yab IV 226, 306, 308 (p(h)yag 224), sog IV 275, lhab IA 1. cig (ein) II 10, tfin (sdig) IA 8, hthug (hthun) IB 40. ) IV 268, VI 123. ), nag IV 116 (nan 152, 174, 183). 2. -dj-t (the drag), commonly appended to Verb- and quasi-Verb-, forms, usually PreteriteAorist, in n, r, I (e. g. bkrald, mjal-do, gyond, rtol-to, thalde, rhald, stsald), occurs also in forms not primarily Verbal, nan-to IV 5 ('is bad'), dmard IA 15 ('was red'), Rgyagard IV 160 ('India').

F. Gender Natural sex, as the most fundamental social distinction, must always have played a part in language. g. g. where some species of animal is credited with only one sex, or through attribution of sex, single or plural, to things lacking it. The last of these cases is further complicated by linguistic form, in names where this dictates the grammatical Gender or, in default even of this, the form of an accompanying Adjective decides. , Feminine, fruits neuter, there is room for the remark that the Latin has beside its Masculines amnis and fluvius, 'river', also a not less frequent, Neuter flumen, Greek has not onlyTCOTOC^OS,but also psujzoc and that Sanskrit literature, though the Dictionary gives the two forms nada and nadl, is unanimous in declaring the rivers to be female.

In the Mss. and elsewhere tu and du are often hardly distinguishable: d-du is prevalently written compendiously as du e. g. , stodu IA 15, 17, ridu IB 9, gludu IV 290, 298 etc. ). Irregularities: -g-du IA 14, 21, 102, B 20, 23, 31—2, 80, II 10, IV 43; -b-du IV 101, 137, III 8, 39; -n-du in IB 35. A composite form -du-na occurs in the phrase skad-du-na IB 29, II 14—5. 3. rjru after vowels, the ru being written either conjunct or as a separate syllable. The Mss. have also a composite form r-ru, and, where the r belongs to the preceding word, it is sometimes omitted, giving cause for misapprehension.

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