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Astronomical wisdom derived from the floor plan of Stonehenge, which has major implications for the heritage of humanity. confirmed with arithmetic this booklet describes actual old wisdom that conflicts with glossy technology yet upholds the Biblical tale of Genesis.

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Even in the English language, there are so many different versions they are hard to count. We do not know what language the book of Genesis was originally written in. The version that has come down to us was likely written in ancient Hebrew, which differs considerably from Modern Hebrew. But no matter what language it was written in, the words used all have different nuances of meaning. Words in all languages have nuances of meaning, which is why it is often difficult to win an argument with a politician.

We may spare a passing thought for those of his compatriots who would have tried to gain entry to the Ark, and were left to drown in despair. If meteorites of ice smashing into the Earth were added to the deluge of rain and the maelstrom of rising waters, the tumultuous noise would add to the frenzy of panic and confusion. The disaster would truly have been of Biblical proportions. All the antediluvians perished, except Noah and his family. Noah survived, along with any ancient secrets he may have carried with him.

It is up to us to try our best to understand what they believed without swamping what they say with our own preconceptions. * The experts of the modern world, the theologians and the scholars of comparative religion, bend over backwards and jump through hoops in their attempts to resolve the plurality issue. ‘It is the Trinity, the three-in-one’ appears meaningless to me. ’ We are not amused. ’ Does this make sense to us? My main objection to these so-called ‘explanations’ is that in proposing these convoluted distortions they credit the antediluvian scribe with a sophisticated understanding of academic theology, as if that ancient scribe had the mind of a modern scholar of divinity.

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