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There were various sizes of bulwarks

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There is no possibility of present-day belief that these pillars originated with the construction of any King Solomon's Temple at Jerusalem. They are represented on too many monuments of far greater age for this to be the case . In Tyre they stood before the great temple of Melkarth, the Tyrian Hercules (Hiram, King of Tyre) . In Egypt they represented Osiris (strength) and Isis (establishment) . An Egyptian amulet in the writer's possession shows the Egyptian god Bes, representing Osiris, as the Syrian Baal approaching from the east through the two pillars, his head surmounted by the three plumes that symbolized the letter G--this also being an age-old cabalism, and not a modern symbol as many suppose .

This merg- 1, Babylonian and Hebrew (Aaron's rod) early Greek ; 3, ancient Guatee ence of everything into 9 was mala;; 2, 4, lilies of the Virgin : 5, heraldic lilies . likened to consumption by fire, which caused 9 to be termed the number of Vulcan, which latter name was derived from Tubal Cain, the Semitic "spirit of fire," that which resolves all that it attacks into its original elements . Nine thus stands in the great old number philosophy as the representative of the primordial substance from which all emanated and to which all must eventually return .

Certain numbers show the peculiarity of representing two different sacred quantities ; as, for instance, the number 888 . This has a special significance of its own, but was constructed from 3 times 8 (24) counters (8 units, 8 tens, and 8 hundreds)-there being a mystic relationship between the two ideas represented and between the two numbers involved . " "Three Times Three" No term throughout the entire range of Masonic symbolism so completely clenches the connection between Freemasonry and the Ancient Mysteries as this most important link .

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