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By Alex C. Michalos

This monograph describes the contributions to our present realizing of caliber of existence made by means of crucial historic philosophers within the Western culture. It does so from the viewpoint of a latest researcher in caliber of existence or human overall healthiness. Revisiting old texts from approximately six hundred BCE to three hundred BCE, the e-book explores the earliest principles in recorded western philosophical and clinical historical past that have been considerably on the topic of present learn and realizing of the standard of lifestyles or wellbeing and fitness for people and groups. It examines the issues and suggestions present in those texts and their connection to nonetheless present primary concerns and questions comparable to: ‘What is an effective life?’, ‘What is the simplest type of individual to be?’ ‘How can one inform if one’s society is making growth to a few type of fascinating country or falling backwards?’ The ebook exhibits that throughout time and throughout many cultures, the human species bears a few impressive similarities.

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62), “No generalization can cover all the texts, and no summary can do more than hint at the multiplicity of (often conflicting) theories they contain”. Regardless of all its difficulties, “the Hippocratic Corpus came to be seen as a standard against which other types of healing might be measured, and then approved or rejected. In that sense, its eponymous hero Hippocrates can indeed be called the Father of Medicine” (Nutton 2013, p. 71). Granting the textual difficulties, it is still possible to construct some of the central features of views about human health or well-being expressed in the Hippocratic Corpus (hereafter Corpus).

Emphasizing again the themes of harmony and balance, departures from health were the result of departures from our natural formation and functions. It is a wonderfully optimistic view of the 30 Ancient Views on the Quality of Life natural state of things, a state offering a quality of life that would be absolutely at odds with the “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” one imagined by Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679 CE). Jones claimed that “The four humours are not the four elements of Empedocles, but they are analogous and perform analogous functions.

5). He believed …that virtue [ARETE] can be taught; that nobility belongs to none other than the virtuous. And he held virtue to be sufficient in itself to ensure happiness,… that virtue is an affair of deeds and does not need a store of words or learning; that the wise man is selfsufficing…that ill repute is a good thing and much the same as pain; that the wise man will be guided in his public acts not by the established laws but by the law of virtue; that he will also marry in order to have children from union with the handsomest women;… he will not disdain love…Men of worth are friends… Virtue is the same for women as for men (Laertius 2000b, pp.

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