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By Dani Cavallaro

The subject of reminiscence has performed an important position in anime all through its evolution as an paintings shape and as well known leisure. Anime's dealing with of reminiscence is multifaceted, weaving it into diversified symbolic motifs, narratives and aesthetic issues.

This learn goals to supply an in depth research of a number anime titles in which diversified features of this cultural phenomenon are articulated. It explores anime movies and sequence that exemplify the unique signatures put by way of specific administrators or studios at the therapy of reminiscence, whereas additionally highlighting the prominence of reminiscence in anime with regards to particular philosophical, creative, and old contexts.

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This is clearly borne out by the portrayal of the alien observers. One of the creatures brings to mind a magnified version of the semiorganic program “Marie” from the TV series Please Teacher! (dir. Yasunori Ide, 2002). His pink-haired female companion, for her part, is closely fash- 2. Memory and Desire 25 ioned on the model supplied by Nono in Gunbuster 2 (OVA series; dir. Kazuya Tsurumaki, 2004–2006). Her tendency to address Hazumu as “Onee-nii-sama” (“big sister/brother”) echoes Nono’s insistent use of “Onee-sama”(“big sister”).

In quasi-historical anime of this kind, the notion of sabi is lovingly evoked by the melancholy lure of the old, and concomitant intimations of imperfection and lack. Even at their most spectacular, these shows call attention to the beauty of an irretrievable past with restrained elegance. 3 Gilgamesh offers a unique take on the collusion of memory and archaeology, boldly commingling elements of ancient lore and mythology with scientific concepts grounded in empirical research, on the one hand, and science fictional speculations issuing from the creators’ own imagination, on the other.

The frequently corporeal nature of the stimuli that kindle mnemonic association is here explicitly invoked. The entire movie has the flavor of a wistful retrospection, felicitously sustained by the musical accompaniment of desultory piano melodies and by a symbolically poignant visual poetry redolent of the haiku form. In celebrating the lyrical beauty of inevitably frayed recollections, moreover, the movie elliptically invokes the ethos of wabi. Two more recent anime concerned with the interplay of memory and desire deserve closer attention in the present context as illustrations of the treatment of that topos in the realms of romantic drama and experimental cinema respectively, since these two areas are also at the heart of Kon’s artistic vision as elaborated in Millennium Actress.

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