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By Sir Edward Burnett Tylor

Anthropology: an advent to the examine of guy and civilization. 512 Pages

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Iron, as well as gold and and measuring, iheir reckoning its still far of them, the Egyptians appear to bronze and habits, by their sculpture and their system and silver. carpentry, of official life ANTHROPOLOGY. 22 with its [chap. governors and scribes, their reHgion of priesthood and results of long its continual ceremonies, and gradual growth. the highest idea of antiquity, is witli its orders appear the all What, perhaps, gives to look at very early monu- ments, such as the tomb of prince Teta of the 4th dynasty Museum, and notice how Egyptian culture had even then begun to grow stiff and traditional.

As implements were Using stone in we may fairly judge from the position found in Denmark, The forests of that to this, which they are country are mainly of beeches, but in in tlie peat-mosses lie innumerable trunks of oaks, which show that at an earlier period oak forests jjrevailcd, and deeper still there lie trunks of pine trees, which show that there were pine-forests older than the oak forests. -tlakes as beech, the the oak, and the the depth of the peat-mosses, which in places and pine, Fig.

One of the chief questions to be asked about the condition of any people is, whether they have high barbaric condition. metal in be said use for their tools and weapons. to be or iron, but in make the metal age. dieir hatchets, If they If so, they may have no copper knives, spear-heads, and other cutting and piercing instruments of stone, they are Wherever such stone implements are picked up, as they often are in our own ploughed fields, they prove that stone-age men have once dwelt in the said to be in the stone age.

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