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By Ruth Bjorklund

This hugely readable and intensely precious sequence presents younger readers with all they should find out about quite a few health conditions.

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Patients must follow instructions from their doctors and pharmacists. 42 Living with Arthritis Physical therapy is an important part of a treatment plan for arthritis. Therapists show their patients how to do a range of motion exercises. These exercises involve slowly opening and closing the joints to their full ability. People with arthritis should do their range of motion exercises twice a day to keep joints flexible, to reduce stiffness, and to help normal bone joint growth. Exercise is also extremely important for people with arthritis.

In laboradisease from osteoarthritis. tories, steroids are made to mimic the naturally occurring hormones cortisone and cortisol. These hormones regulate salt and water balance in the body and affect the immune system by reducing inflammation. Corticosteroids in low doses are very helpful in easing pain and inflammation, and in higher doses they are used to attack severe flare-ups. However, using steroids over a long period of 35 Arthritis time can cause many unwanted side effects and can make the body less able to resist infection.

Some patients successfully use alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, massage, and yoga, along with their medicines. But patients must be sure to give their care providers the details of their treatment plans so that there are no conflicts. Arthritis patients should also be wary of people and websites that try to sell cures. They should absolutely never use a product without consulting members of their treatment team. 47 Practical Ways to Manage Pain Everyone with arthritis has periods of time when the pain will not go away and his or her medicine does not help.

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