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Download Atlas of the Messier Objects: Highlights of the Deep Sky by Stoyan R., Binnewies S., Friedrich S. PDF

By Stoyan R., Binnewies S., Friedrich S.

В атласе дана исчерпывающая информация по всем объектам Каталога Мессье (фотографии, история открытия, местоположение на небосводе, условия наблюдения итп), также изложена биография составителя Чарльза Мессье, и история развития самого каталога.-

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M 71 Two others of which I have not yet determined the positions, one above the northern feet of Gemini, and the other below and very close to Sagitta. 14. M 11 Lastly, a prodigious cluster of small stars, near one of the feet of Antinous of which RA is 279° 21' 10" and southern decl. is 6° 32' 20"; it has about 4 1/8' in diameter. These 14 nebulae contain among them almost as many stars visible in telescopes of 25 feet as the greater part of the sky contains as visible to the naked eye. Here now are the rightly styled nebulae which, when seen in the largest telescopes, never appear as anything but white clouds: 17.

Apart from the above-cited hints given by Messier, there is also supporting evidence in Méchain’s letter to Bernoulli: On page 262 and 263 [of his last catalog version], M. Messier mentions several nebulous patches in the Virgin which I have indicated to him. But, there are more of them in the said area, which he did not see, and of which I will determine the positions, as soon as I have a convenient observing place, which will not be delayed too much. However, like Messier, Méchain did not continue with his nebula search.

For each object, Messier took the position relative to a bright neighbor star. Furthermore, a large number of objects was observed more than once, especially for the third version of the catalog. Nevertheless, Messier could not entirely avoid making mistakes. Consequently, there are a few objects for which the identification remained ambiguous and matter of debate. Glyn Jones called these the “missing Messier objects,” which has become the adopted choice of 34 The same night he recorded M 47, Messier made another simple calculation mistake with M 48, putting it exactly 5° too far south.

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