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The “P” key toggles the display between a parameter number and the value of the parameter. The up and down pushbuttons scroll through parameters and are used to set a parameter value. In the event of a failure the inverter switches off and a fault code appears in the display. 55 The MICROMASTER and MIDIMASTER have various parameters for proper drive and motor operation. It is beyond the scope of this book to describe in detail every parameter available. Some of the key parameters are described in the following text.

This is similar to driving a car forward on a flat surface from standstill to a desired speed. It takes more forward or motoring torque to accelerate the car from zero to the desired speed. Once the car has reached the desired speed your foot can be let off the accelerator a little. When the car comes to an incline a little more gas, controlled by the accelerator, maintains speed. T = Torque N = Speed Coast to stop To stop an AC motor in single-quadrant operation voltage and frequency can simply be removed and the motor allowed to coast to a stop.

When equipped with an optional braking resistor the Siemens MICROMASTER and MIDIMASTER are capable of four-quadrant operation. Torque will always act to cause the rotor to run towards synchronous speed. If the synchronous speed is suddenly reduced, negative torque is developed in the motor. The motor acts like a generator by converting mechanical power from the shaft into electrical power which is returned to the AC drive. This is similar to driving a car downhill. The car’s engine will act as a brake.

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