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By Douglas Robinson

Turning into a Translator presents the knowledge and suggestion that translators actually need, akin to find out how to translate quicker and extra safely, how the task industry works, and the way to house pressure. equipped in a hassle-free type, the booklet presents translators inventive actions and routines designed to hurry the educational of either concept and perform.

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An hour later the fax machine rings; it’s a fax from a friend overseas who has found some of your words. You stop translating to look through the fax. THE TRANSLATOR’S VIEW 31 You’re unsure about one of the words, so you get back on e-mail and send out a message over a listserver, asking other subscribers whether this seems right to them; back in your home computer, you jump over to the morning translation and make the other changes. You notice you’re hungry, so you walk to the kitchen and make a quick lunch, which you eat while looking over the fax one more time.

Imagine yourself a machine with no feelings, a computer processing inert words, and you quickly begin to feel dead, inert, lifeless. Imagine yourself in a movie or a play (or an actual use situation) with other users of the machine whose technical documentation you’re translating, all of you using the machine, walking around it, picking it up, pushing buttons and flipping levers, and you begin to feel more alive. Discussion 1 Should translators be willing to do any kind of text-processing requested, such as editing, summarizing, annotating, desktop publishing?

This always happens when skills surpass challenges. To return in flow and replicate the enjoyment they desire, they will have to find stronger opposition. To remain in flow, one must increase the complexity of the activity by developing new skills and taking on new challenges. This holds just as true for enjoying business, for playing the piano, or for enjoying one’s marriage, as for the game of tennis. Heraclitus’s dictum about not being able to step in the same stream twice holds especially true for flow.

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