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By Constance Hieatt

Special and lovely, Beowulf brings to existence a society of violence and honor, fierce warriors and bloody battles, lethal monsters and well-known swords. Written by way of an unknown poet in in regards to the 8th century, this masterpiece of Anglo-Saxton literature transforms legends, fable, background, and old songs into the richly coloured story of the hero Beowulf, the loathsome man-eater Grendel, his vengeful water-hag mom, and a treasure-hoarding dragon. The earliest surviving epic poem in any sleek eu language. Beowulf is a stirring portrait of a heroic world–somber, titanic, and luxurious.

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Endure this ox-brained fool just a little longer, and through him the fall of the Hulmasters will be encompassed. He flexed the cold metal of his silver hand—veiled under the illusion of human flesh and bone—and thought of Geran Hulmaster’s destruction. To slay Geran for the injuries he’d inflicted would be simple justice. What Rhovann craved was vengeance. No, before Geran Hulmaster died, Rhovann meant for his enemy to see all that he loved torn away from him. Only then would the scales lie in balance between the two of them.

For a long moment he wondered if he were caught in one of those strange dreams that came with a delusion of wakefulness. Then the shouts and the commotion started again, and Geran came fully awake. He threw off his covers and jumped out of bed; the flagstones of the floor were cold under his bare feet. Fighting in Griffonwatch? he wondered. He’d lived in the castle of the Hulmasters all his seventeen years, and never had the castle come under any kind of attack. Oh, there were the occasional barracks-room brawls down in the Shieldsworn quarters, but that was down in the castle’s lower bailey, where the soldiers and the servants had their lodgings.

They saw no signs of Kraken Queen’s crew or any other travelers for that matter. Eventually they struck the Thentian trail Geran was looking for, and two hours more brought them to the edge of the Winterspear Vale a couple of miles north of Hulburg itself. As Geran had promised, they came to the Burned Bridge over the Winterspear in the early afternoon. Hulburg itself lay south of the old bridge, a ramshackle town bustling with commerce and trade. Here, where the Winterspear emptied into the Moonsea, an older city had stood hundreds of years ago.

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