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Published by means of the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.

This is the 3rd of the 11 volumes of the learn sequence to date released that's dedicated to the Biology of the Antarctic Seas. It includes 12 unique papers which, in subject material, variety from an research of the lifestyles methods of the microalgae of sea-ice (John S. Bunt) and the productiveness of the ocean (S. Z. El-Sayed) to the physiologic habit and reactions to diving of the Weddell seal (G. L. Kooyman).


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19. Latitudinal distributionof chlorophylla and C• uptake during Cruises1-9 (combined). I--r o tic waters. If one takes the antarctic convergenceas .... _ ..... ' ;o-' 80' • 30' LATITUDE • CHLOROPHYLL • C•4UPTAKE • AVERAGE .... 88 mgC/ma/h, respectively). 9 gC/m2/day). D. Fig. 18. Latitudinalvariationsof chlorophyll a and C" uptake dissertation] found that the richest zooplanktonvolumes were in Cruises1-9 (averagevaluesare indicatedfor eachcruise). alsolocatedoff the Argentinecoastbetween40ø and 45øS Lat.

I .... I,,, ,• 14 STA. CHLOROPHYLL a (mg/m 3) "• '? ';• '? ';• 7 (// ,ot o, . SOUTH 60'[ . 8 5O C•4 (mgC/m3/hr) I,I .... 6 ! 4 ! I-- W2 0 •-- ..... 2 5O /? 9. Verticaldistribution of chlorophyll a, Cn uptake,andtemperature at thestations sampled duringCruise3. 73 mg/ gC/m2/day). 46gC/m•/day). 24 gC/maday, respectively). Copyright American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series Biology of the Antarctic Seas III 28 Vol. 11 SAYED Z. EL-SAYED o o o '1o o • (J') o o,• •-•• (SKI3131•) o - øI o H1cl30 • ( $•lqJ.

Coef. "r" Linear Ecl. Y-- F-Ratio Corr. Coef. "r" BellingshausenSea Linear Ecl. Y: F-Ratio Corr. Coef. 81 ......... ......... 83** * = significantat 5% level; ** -- significantat 1% level; the absenceof asterisksindicatesthat the relationshipbetween chlorophylla and C• uptake is not significantunder the assumptionof linearity. differencesin the slopesof the regressionlines were to the variations in the productivity betweenthe found betweensummer and winter cruises (fl (sum- oceanicand neritic regions.

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