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By Jeanette Wyneken, Matthew H. Godfrey

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Reef Fishes of Hong Kong

Скалистые рифы и коралловые сообщества Гонконга обладают богатой и удивительной фауной, практически не знакомой тем, кто никогда не занимался подводным плаванием. Книга представляет детальный обзор рифовых рыб, до сих пор малоизвестных и в самом Гонконге. Она включает описания 320 видов рыб, треть из которых никогда ранее не указывалась для региона.

Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review

With expanding curiosity within the box and its relevance in worldwide environmental matters, Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual overview presents authoritative stories that summarize result of fresh learn in easy parts of marine learn, exploring subject matters of detailed and topical value whereas including to new parts as they come up.

Marine enzymes for biocatalysis: Sources, biocatalytic characteristics and bioprocesses of marine enzymes

Marine bioprospecting is a hugely topical topic, yet, as but, the marine atmosphere is a comparatively unexplored resource of normal bioactive ingredients with strength healing job. This ebook addresses using marine enzymes in biocatalysis. the writer, a number one sciencist inside of educational and business fields, at first examines the character and point of curiosity in marine organic variety, and descriptions the basics of biocatalysis.

Stressors in the marine environment : physiological and ecological responses; societal implications

This edited paintings summarises the newest advances within the physiological and ecological responses of marine species to quite a lot of power stressors caused by present anthropogenic task. It offers a standpoint on destiny results for essentially the most urgent environmental matters dealing with society this present day.

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28) as hypothesized by Weems (1988), we see that vascularized cartilage would have had to either evolve four separate times or undergo several reversals. Either scenario does not appear likely. 29) but would still have it evolving twice, which may also be unlikely. 30). Clearly, further work on elucidating overall relationships of multiple character states in these genera will be necessary before any definitive conclusions about phylogeny can be reached, but the unique character state of vascularized cartilages offers a potential key to understanding some of their relationships.

Though related to the hard-shelled chelonioid sea turtles in a number of primitive plesiomorphic features, the leatherback has developed an array of unique derived features that doubtlessly render it the most remarkably specialized turtle in the world. , 2006). , 1990, 1992). , 1998; James & Mrosovsky, 2004). , 1973). Its body is covered with a corselet of dramatically and uniquely reduced carapacial and plastral shell bones that are reinforced instead with a layer of small irregular intercalated dermal bones (Gervais, 1872).

Snover and Hohn (2004) looked at humeri from known-age Kemp’s ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys kempii) that had been tagged as hatchlings and released into the wild. The turtles from their study were subsequently recovered as dead strandings and allowed for validation of annual LAG formation and the recognition of an annulus, or diffuse mark rather than a distinct LAG, that represented an annual growth mark. Curtin (2006) used bones from known-age desert tortoises (Gopherus agassizii) from mark-recapture studies to test and validate back-calculation methods to account for LAGs lost to resorption in older animals.

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