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By Elizabeth Gosling

Complete textual content covers all significant points of the invertebrate classification bivalve molluscs. Chapters disguise morphology, ecology, feeding, copy, cost and recruitment, progress, body structure, fisheries, aquaculture, genetics, ailments and parasites, and public wellbeing and fitness concerns. basically for undergraduate scholars, yet helpful as a reference for postgraduate scholars and pros.

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The visceral ganglia control a large area: gills, 38 Morphology of Bivalves Fig. 16. Schematic representation of the nervous system in the mussel Mytilus edulis. Dashed line indicates the outline of the two shell valves. a: cerebral ganglia; b: pedal ganglia; c: visceral ganglia; d: cerebrovisceral pedal connective; e: cerebropedal connective; f: cerebrovisceral connective; g: pedal nerve; h: byssal retractor nerve; i: branchial nerve; j: posterior pallial nerve; k: anterior pallial nerve; l: buccal nerve; m: cerebral commissure; n: visceral commissure; o: circumpallial nerve.

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