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By Janet Carsten

Unique in concentration and overseas in scope, this ebook brings jointly 10 essays in regards to the fabric, metaphorical, and symbolic significance of blood.

  • An interdisciplinary examine that unites the paintings of famous historians and anthropologists
  • Incorporates insights from fresh paintings in symbolism, kinship stories, scientific anthropology, the anthropology of faith, the sociological learn of finance, and textual analysis
  • Covers subject matters reminiscent of Medieval ecu conceptions of blood; blood and the mind; blood and the cultural learn of finance; and blood kinds, identification, and organization in twentieth-century America


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Renaissance debates 38 Kath Weston about biological generation, like Renaissance debates about circulation, have made their way unheralded into accounts of finance. Where does wealth come from? Why does capital beget more capital? What makes a family fortune grow? Who can legitimately claim the spoils? How do fractional reserve banking and derivatives create credit out of thin air? The early modern controversies once associated with circulation and generation are with us still. They have simply been displaced.

Shao, J. 2006. Fluid labor and blood money: the economy of HIV/AIDS in rural central China. Cultural Anthropology 21, 535-69. ——— & M. Scoggin 2009. Solidarity and distinction in blood: contamination, morality and variability. Body & Society 15: 2, 29-50. Sharp, L. 1995. Organ transplantation as a transformative experience: anthropological insights into the restructuring of the self. Medical Anthropology Quarterly 9, 357-89. ——— 2006. Strange harvest: organ transplants, denatured bodies, and the transformed self.

Although this essay focuses on the history of European science in an attempt to understand how a circulatory conception of blood became naturalized in economic discourse, subsequent investigations would do well to attend to subtle shifts of meaning and practice as these tropes travel, rather than simply the mobility of the categories themselves. From descriptions of an economy nourished by blood, periodically appraised in terms of vigour and well-being, it is but a short step to medicalized prescription.

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