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No sir. It was just that I had heard – you know how stories go round among the people – heard that you sometimes appeared among your people wearing a mask of dark leather… " Mala evidently realized that her words sounded unconvincing. " She paused. " Pause again. "There were funeral rites that night. I went with the masked man to the fields. " The Duke looked Mala over thoughtfully, looked her up and down, squinting a little as if trying to remember something. " "Yes, Your Grace, many say that.

Mark had heard of cities and big towns that boasted defensive walls like that, though he'd never come very close to seeing one. Castles of course were a different matter. Everyone saw at least one of those, at least once in a while. There was the name, of course: Townsaver. And, in one spot on the handle, just above the depicted wall, there was a small representation of what might very well be intended as a swordblade. It looked as if some unseen hand inside the town or castle were brandishing a sword… Mark came to himself with a small start.

In the morning there were no animals of any kind in sight, nor could Mark even find a significant track. The air at dawn was bitter cold but almost windless. During the night Mark had wrapped himself again in the sword's cloth, but now he swathed the weapon again and tied it for carrying. Then he climbed, heading up between foothills, following a dry ravine, moving now on knees that quivered from his need for food. Once he was moving, he was no longer quite sure just how he'd spent the night just past, whether he'd slept at all or not.

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