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The ability to achieve the fore cast revenue in a product plan, for a particular product over a particular period of time, is thus dependent on: (a) An accurate forecast of the volume that will be sold. (b) An accurate forecast of the price at which it will be sold. This 'accuracy' will be crucially dependent on the marketing plan's ability to provide precisely the required stimulus to the buyers to persuade them to buy that forecast volume at the forecast price. The 'required stimulus' in this sense is, of course, the sum total of the product plan on which the marketing planner is working: every facet of his product plan is geared towards providing exacdy that stimulus required to achieve those forecasts.

Forecast of Sales In terms of the extent and frequency with which all the funetions in the business organisation use it, the forecast of sales incorporated in the marketing plan is its single most important eontribution to the organisation. Thus, arguably, the central purpose of the marketing plan is to arrive at this estimate of the units of produet - units, cases, eartons, etc. - which are to be sold in the year ahead. , for every product sold by the company. Such a forecast satisfies a multiplicity of purposes: (a) It provides the manufacturz·ng facz"lz"ty wz"th a precise statement of what they wz"ll have to make.

He will first wish to establish the existence either of problems to be solved or opportunities to be seized in the marketing development of his product. His ability to detect either will depend both on his power of analysis and on the accuracy of the information that is available to hirn. 2. SOL UTION. Assuming he has correctly 'read' the situation in the market-place, he will need to create a marketing plan which will solve or at least minimise the product's THEPRODUCTPLAN 31 problems and maxImIse the product's marketing opportunities.

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