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Reef Fishes of Hong Kong

Скалистые рифы и коралловые сообщества Гонконга обладают богатой и удивительной фауной, практически не знакомой тем, кто никогда не занимался подводным плаванием. Книга представляет детальный обзор рифовых рыб, до сих пор малоизвестных и в самом Гонконге. Она включает описания 320 видов рыб, треть из которых никогда ранее не указывалась для региона.

Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review

With expanding curiosity within the box and its relevance in international environmental matters, Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual evaluate offers authoritative studies that summarize result of contemporary examine in easy components of marine learn, exploring issues of specific and topical value whereas including to new components as they come up.

Marine enzymes for biocatalysis: Sources, biocatalytic characteristics and bioprocesses of marine enzymes

Marine bioprospecting is a hugely topical topic, yet, as but, the marine atmosphere is a comparatively unexplored resource of common bioactive elements with strength healing job. This publication addresses using marine enzymes in biocatalysis. the writer, a number one sciencist inside of educational and business fields, before everything examines the character and point of curiosity in marine organic range, and descriptions the basics of biocatalysis.

Stressors in the marine environment : physiological and ecological responses; societal implications

This edited paintings summarises the most recent advances within the physiological and ecological responses of marine species to a variety of capability stressors due to present anthropogenic task. It offers a standpoint on destiny results for essentially the most urgent environmental concerns dealing with society at the present time.

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Slow-growing species are especially susceptible to excessive fishing. I Status Endangered Status Vulnerable Cause Indiscriminate fishing Cause Overfishing Range Warm seas Range Eastern Atlantic Although it is recognized as the largest fish in the world, little is known about the whale shark. It can grow to a length of nearly 60 feet (18 m), and it lives in warm seas all over the world. This fish takes some time to reproduce because females do not reach sexual maturity until they are 20 years of age.

Frogs use their jumping ability to escape from their many predators; they can jump a distance equivalent to 10 to 44 times their body length. When they feel threatened, they can choose to jump into the nearest body of water, where they hide, or they can jump erratically on land to confuse their attacker. A The Frog Its large eyes help it to locate prey easily. The eyes have lids that protect them from particles in the air or help them see underwater. The frog's smooth skin has glands that moisten it or that secrete toxic or irritating substances.

84 PEOPLE, FISH, AND AMPHIBIANS FISH AND AMPHIBIANS 85 Large-Scale Catch he international demand for fish and shellfish has encouraged the use of highly efficient fishing vessels and techniques. The use of these vessels and techniques, however, has brought about increasing destruction of these resources and of the environment. Every year, fishing nets kill more than 300,000 whales, dolphins, and porpoises worldwide. The greatest threat facing many species is to become enmeshed in the nets. T Traditional Fishing Traditional fishing is a widespread, small-scale activity practiced directly by fishermen using selective fishing techniques.

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