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The main whole horoscopes publications on the market. each day, humans rely on their horoscopes for a glimpse at what is to come-and Berkley's renowned tremendous Horoscopes supply the predictions that they are looking for. With certain sections at the heritage and makes use of of astrology, those thoroughly up to date books convey precisely what the long run holds. contains: - distinct each year and day-by-day forecasts - emerging indicators - fortunate numbers - The cusp-born 1900-2010 - indicators of the Zodiac - personality research - Love, romance, and marriage compatibility advisor - Moon tables - Planting and fishing courses - effect of the moon and planets - November and December 2005 day-by-day forecasts repeated

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They are intelligent, self-involved, creative, and idealistic. They all share a certain vibrancy and glow that outwardly reflects an inner flame and passion for living. SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC / 61 The Earth Signs This is the earth group. They are in constant touch with the material world and tend to be conservative. Although they are all capable of spartan self-discipline, they are earthy, sensual people who are stimulated by the tangible, elegant, and luxurious. The thread of their lives is always practical, but they do fantasize and are often attracted to dark, mysterious, emotional people.

The Fishes can be easily discouraged. The Pisces man or woman may even withdraw from the harshness of reality into a secret shell of his own where he dreams and idles away a good deal of his time. Pisces can be lazy. He lets things happen without giving the least bit of resistance. He drifts along, whether on the high road or on the low. He can be lacking in willpower. Some Pisces people seek escape through drugs or alcohol. When temptation comes along they find it hard to resist. In matters of sex, they can be rather permissive.

The Taurus who aims high seldom falls short of his mark. He learns well by experi­ ence. He is thorough and does not believe in shortcuts of any kind. The Bull’s thoroughness pays off in the end, for through his deliberateness he learns how to rely on himself and what he has learned. The Taurus person tries to get along with others, as a rule. He is not overly critical and likes people to be themselves. He is a tolerant person and enjoys peace and harmony—especially in his home life. Taurus is usually cautious in all that he does.

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