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By Michelle Sagara

Any day that begins with dragon arguments goes to be undesirable

Kaylin again from the West March in a single piece. Now that piece is fraying. She's no longer at domestic within the Imperial Palace—and she by no means intends to be. All she desires is general garden-variety criminals and a spot of her personal. in fact, basic in her new existence contains a dragon as a roommate, yet she will be able to deal with that.

She can't as simply deal with the hot citizens to town she polices, simply because one in all them is Nightshade's more youthful brother. On an evening while she will be chatting with landlords in completely basic constructions, she's known as to the fief—by Teela. A small kin confrontation has turn into a wide, advanced challenge: fortress Nightshade's latent magic is waking.

And it's no longer the one factor.

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Conan's own god, Crom, Dark Lord of the Mound, gave a man life and will and nothing more. Conan had seen little evidence that other gods did any more. As for the darkened sky and the trembling ground, it was his opinion that someone in Belverus worked at sorcery, despite Garian's prohibitions. He had no love of such, but for once he was not involved, and he intended to remain that way. All he said was, "You think your plans should be advanced, then? " "No, you don't understand. Not those plans.

Men usually believed that foreigners knew strange tricks of fighting. With the horse bows, they might believe correctly. As he and Hordo had chosen only men already possessing a horse-they had gold enough only for signing bonuses, not for buying horses-so had they chosen men who knew something of archery. But none knew mounted archery. That was why Conan had brought them to this clearing outside of Belverus. "You're all accustomed to using a bow-ring on your thumb," he went on, "but when you fight mounted, you must be able to shift from bow to sword to lance and back, quickly.

Ending on a shout, he looked at Sularia. Her mouth hung open, and she stared at his hand above the sword with open fear in her blue eyes. " she whispered. He laughed and took his hand away. Instead of the sword he picked up the crystal sphere, holding it delicately in his fingers, almost reverently, though he knew no power under heaven could so much as chip its seemingly fragile surface. " he asked softly. His adamantine gaze seemed to pierce to the heart of the cobalt sphere. "Here is that which is to be feared, for by this is summoned and controlled a being-a demon?

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