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By Hewitt Schlereth

Regardless of the proliferation of digital navigational units, celestial navigation is still an important instrument should you don't desire to be stuck brief whilst sleek expertise fails. during this easy-to-use advisor, Hewitt Schlereth explains truly and concisely easy methods to navigate any stretch of sea utilizing just a hand-held sextant, an eye fixed, a plotting sheet and a duplicate of the Nautical Almanac. the fundamental technique is easy: take a sight with a sextant, identify a secondary reference or benchmark sight, examine the 2, and plot the result of the comparability on a chart. Celestial Navigation in a Nutshell demonstrates the best way to take points of interest by means of the solar, moon, stars and planets, discussing the benefits and downsides of every approach. The reader is taken rigorously via a number of examples and situational illustrations, making this a top-rated self-teaching consultant. universal blunders are reviewed and several other the best way to enhance accuracy are given.

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Two factors here are different from the example in the previous chapter. First, it is October, which means the sun is over the southern hemisphere. You must find the correct page in the sight reduction table under the heading "Declination Contrary Name" because the GP is on the other side of the equator from the AP. Second, because it is morning, the sun is to your east, which makes a difference in how local hour angle (LHA) is reckoned. Unlike GHA, which is always measured westward from the Greenwich meridian, LHA is always measured westward from the AP, so LHA is not always the angle at the apex of the navigational spherical triangle.

So much for the infrastructure. Now move on to the hard part, the paperwork. More Columns of Numbers Date: 6-19-99 DR: 33 41°12' N 28°42' w Sextant reads [Hs] 29°36' Index corr. [IC] Dip corr. [DJ + 04' -03' Apparent alt. 3' Ref/SD Observed alt. 5' Dec. 4' Dec. 8' Figure 6-3. Work sheet for finding the GHA and declination of the GP, with DR coordinates added As an example, again assume it is June 19, 1999. You are in the eastern Atlantic not far from the Azores at a DR position of 41°12' N, 28°42' W.

0626 .. 6S 0545 • . u 52 -411 .. -4D .. ,_ 69 .. OTSO .. . 054'+41 .. 06Zt+Jt 61 OTOl.. 0517 .. 05'7 .. 67 9627 .. 61 0425 .. 67 0505 .. 6T 0545 41 6T IDQ " 6T 0424 .. 66 0504 Cl 67 ma •• "uu 41 65 042' •• 66 OZZD+41 65 OJ01- "0)4265 11'9 • 65 azn u . DJ02 4l 65 005' 41 .. , 0142 •• 6J ... 22 • 6J OOZD • 6Z 11DZ • 62 -020... 61 -lOI a • 70 Jt M 70 0914 ,. 69 " 70 " " .. 69 0711 " 1' 1' 70 "". 69PH • TD 1441 n UD n nJZ • nHff • n ..... 1941+• 1 .. ,, nn • "Z441 • 71 2404 .. 77 ZJZO+• 77 22'6 • 762152.

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