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Well,l knowtheconnection "light out" do appearat theend. Absolutely. It's throughout. It would be absurdfor me to even begin to write a book about a kid like that without first giving more than a passingnod in the direction of HuckleberryFinn, and then going on-by noting the similarities, by seeding the book with plenry of similarities to note that there'sa big difference in our worlds. I mean,the world haschangedin &amatic and 30 Glimmer Train Stoies Writer frightening ways in rhe intervening years.

I'm a somewhateducatedreader of this book, and I can look at it somewhatfrom the outside and I can see,Yes, this will appealto certain people. Or not. I have a French publisher and an Italian publisher and so on, and they look at this manuscript and they say,Well, I do4't know. I think in those terms I do consider my reader,after the fact,in a kind of demographicor sociological way. And I suppose,naturally,I want the book to be popular. I want the book to reach as many readersas possible,for variousreasons, someof them venaland someof them not so.

I don't know... ," he saidfinally. A little light had flooded into that pea brain of his. You see,you go down to Phraguay without your accounts settled,nothing you can do {bout it then. You got to have an addresstd send it to me, right? " I let that sink in before I hit him with the heavy attillery. By then the sun had finally made it over the buildings. Sitting there digesting the sweetroll, with the sun squareon frim and the trafiic starting to die down, he must havefelt preqy good. 46 Glimmer Train Stoies The Power BreakJast I mean, that's what I had been counting on when I got the idea of inviting him to breakfastin the first place.

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