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An skilled programmer accumulates a collection of instruments, tips, and methods to make his or her courses higher. C++ Hackers advisor collects greater than a hundred and twenty of the easiest C++ veteran secrets and techniques and places them in a single obtainable position. The recommendations provided have all been utilized in real courses, and extra importantly, have made real courses greater. packed with genuine global, hugely necessary details, this publication deals a careers worthy of information to around out any C++ programmers repertoire. themes comprise options to make code extra reminiscence secure, debuggable, effective, and maintainable.

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The Hack: Always enclose #define values in (). For example: #define WIDTH (8 – 1) // Width of page – margin Now when you use this in a statement like: Page 32 Copyright 2008, Steve Oualline C++ Hackers Guide Steve Oualline int points = WIDTH * 72; you get the correct value. Hack 16: Use inline Functions Instead of Parameterized Macros Whenever Possible The Problem: Parameterized macros can cause unexpected things to happen. Consider the following case: #define SQUARE(x) ((x) * (x)) int i = 5; int j = SQUARE(i++); What's the value of j?

Private: // This must be the last declaration const long unsigned int end_sentinel; }; This class defines two constants which are declared at each end of the class. The term “constant” is slightly incorrect. They are really variables which are initialized when the class is created and can not be modified during the lifetime of the class. But they can be overwritten if some buggy code overflows an array, uses a bad memory pointer, or does something else crazy. If that happens the next call to check_sentinels will cause an assertion failure crashing the program.

The solution is to divide the number of bytes in the array by the number of bytes in the first element. The result is an expression which gives us the number of elements. sizeof(data) / sizeof(data[0]) Now being true hackers, we don't want to have to write the same expression over and over again, so let's create a macro to make our life easier. /* * assert_bounds(var, index) – Make sure an index is in * bounds. * * Warning: This only works is var is a array variable and * not a pointer. Page 43 Copyright 2008, Steve Oualline C++ Hackers Guide Steve Oualline */ #define assert_bounds(var, index) \ assert((index >= 0) && (index < (sizeof(var) / sizeof(var[0])))); Because we're such nice programmers we've documented our macro and even included a warning describing its limitations.

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