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By Virgilio Brenna

A close-up of the moon: what's recognized, and what lunar explorers might locate.

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The Moon

A close-up of the moon: what's identified, and what lunar explorers may perhaps locate.

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Near the terminator, is ary between the lighted of the visible the Sun's rays arc almost parallel to the surface, which causes even very small objects to throw measurable shadows. This method of finding the height of an obthrough measurement of its shad- ject indirectly, ow, must be a familiar one to any studied high school trigonometry. who have The customary example confronts the student with unknown height, and length. In principle, a shadow no more is a flagpole of of uring the height of lunar mountains.

Side- elJiptical orbits "month" segment about the oi those orbits. MOTIONS Comparison of the pole regions month tion in latitude: in a real comes from stellation. word meaning a Latin measured by the apparent motion of star. sum of all star or con- a star or same position with respect The Moon completes by to a a sidereal revolution in an average time of 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, and 7 seconds. This interval of time is called a sidereal month. It is the time to complete one measured by a return to tive to the full it takes for the revolution in Moon orbit, as its known effect as hbra- librations exposes 59 percent of the lunar surface.

Travel relative to the more than one complete days. a revolution in revo- starting position Sun. TTie additional time required to travel this extra distance and one-half its is equal to about two When the Moon has completed phase— from Full to Full again or its axis marks the it sidereal One consequence of the Moon in the same time, completes only one turn on this the orbit to return to Each has these same princi- month. But sidereal around the Sun, and because of its rotation. pal motions. It completes a revolution in orbit every 27 1/3 days, is and marks the passage of complete rotation on passage of a day.

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