Immunization Post



Immunization Post

The Immunization Post is a system that carries the vaccines and tools needed for vaccination outreach programs in developing countries. The post is specifically designed to enable healthcare workers to travel from clinics to patients in remote locations of Papua New Guinea. The post is packed with equipment at a clinic then carried to desired location by two healthcare workers (or 1 healthcare worker and 1 sherpa).

Each pocket has a screen printed silhouette of the tool that belongs inside –a visual system of organization that can be understood cross culturally. The post is staked into the ground to act as a visual marker for where the vaccinations are taking place. The post also provides a physical station for healthcare worker.

The post is only made of five materials; bamboo, fabric, paint, rope, and thread — no adhesives, metal or plastic.

This was a collaborative project as part of Georgia Tech’s “Design & Engineering That Matters” Studio. Group members include Cristina Del Roasario, Megan Joyce, Leigh McMillan, and Blake Bernard.



The Immunization Post won 2nd place at Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design Expo in May 2010.

The post was also exhibited at Modern Atlanta’s Kickoff Event in June 2010.